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The Isidore Tarot

The Isidore Tarot Deck: A beautiful & whimsical tarot featuring anthropomorphic characters in surreal Victorian scenes! This is an art collage style tarot that uses whimsical vintage illustrations by J.J. Grandville to recreate the symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. Grandville’s characters are turned into new characters with the aid of Victorian era ink illustrations and our shoppe artist’s own pen-work to complete the collages. Each card is given a light color tinting to finish the piece. The idea for the style is based upon Max Ernst’s Une semaine de bonté collection. Below you can see samples of the entire deck, view the deck’s companion book online and view full deck specs/details. Ordering options are below as well as to your right. We offer several methods of purchasing the deck as well as special editions.

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card-00-fool card-01-magician card-02-priestess card-03-empress card-04-emperor card-05-hierophant
card-06-lovers card-07-chariot card-08-strength card-09-hermit card-10-wheeloffortune card-11-justice
card-12-hangedman card-13-death card-14-temperance card-15-devil card-16-tower card-17-star
card-18-moon card-19-sun card-20-judgement card-21-world The Isidore Tarot Card Back Second Edition The Isidore Tarot Extra Card

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cards-coins-01 cards-cups-01 cards-swords-01 cards-wands-01

-( a preview of the companion book )-

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flowerOur cards are printed on 300gsm card-stock with a smooth gloss finish. This is standard playing card thickness/card-stock. They’re very easy to shuffle.

flowerThe cards are standard tarot size with rounded edges. They come packaged in a sheer, drawstring pouch with a metal tin for sturdy storage.

flowerThe deck includes both the major and minor arcana. The minor arcana is fully illustrated in Rider-Waite-Smith style. Also, each of the minor arcana suits are colored according to their corresponding element.

flowerThe deck comes with a companion book. The major arcana comes with brief explanations for the individual cards along with notes about some of the symbolism changes in the cards. The minor arcana comes with brief explanations.

flowerThe deck is offered with the full packaging described here, but we also have a budget conscious option for the deck that includes only the deck.

The Isidore Tarot Second Edition

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