Isidore Gallery and Scrapbook

This is just a little spot on my site that acts as my deck’s aetherweb scrapbook and photo album. There’s a little bit of this and that, some previews, and other such hub bub. 🙂

10-2016: Preview of the doll deck — Way back in 2013 when the deck first came out, I made a homemade bat sized deck for my niece’s *travel bat Ricky. This was for when she helped me create some deck product shots. I didn’t expect visitors to the site to like the tiny deck so much! And the mini wasn’t quite small enough for some. It took a few years (and finding a printer with the right card sizes) but I finally have an actual doll size deck! More to come. *Travel bats are what we call the handmade dolls we adopted from performer Samantha (Frenchy and the Punk) at a steampunk convention outside of Boston. Our lil bat brood travels with us everywhere and photobombs a plenty.
Little Ricky and his bat deck

04-2015: The Isidore Tarot in Somerset Digital Studio Magazine — I’m pleased to share that The Isidore Tarot was an artist spotlight in the spring 2015 issue of Somerset Digital Studio. Here are a few page samples. You can get a copy of the spring 2015 issue here.

05-2015: Fan Photos — These are lovely photographs offered of Susan B’s (formally known as just dad) Isidore deck. 🙂 She told me she takes different ones out each day to display. It took a few years, but I finally made something soft and sweet enough to convince her my goth phase has passed. I’m still fully in it, but I can let her dream. 😛

Contributed photos of Susan B's Isidore Deck Contributed photos of Susan B's Isidore Deck

03-2014: Second edition and new cards backs — Here’s a quick look at the second edition card design and a sampling of the special card backs that are available through the second edition deck funding sale. I’m not sure if these backs will be available again. So if you like one, grab it!
The Isidore Tarot Second Edition

04-2014: Taking Isidore Out to Tea — My lovely friend Kate, the Wormwood Queen, had a tea salon at her house this afternoon. The theme was flowers and all those goodies and teas offered were flower-rich! Sugar violet topped cookies and Earl Grey tea flavored frosting on a sweet rose cupcake. It was divine! Afterwards a few of the resident tarot readers took the Isidore Tarot for a spin and gave me their feedback. It was a lovely day!

11-2013: Peeektures! — Just a few snapshots of the deck.
The Isidore Tarot

10-2013: The decks are here! — The first Isidore decks have finished printing and arrived today. They’re beautiful! Here is a little sneak peek at them. 🙂
The Isidore Tarot First Edition

Isidore decks available through Attic Cartomancy Shoppe