Isidore Who?

“A delicate and sarcastic smile, eyes sparkling with intelligence, a
satirical mouth, short figure and large heart and a delightful
tincture of melancholy perceptible everywhere
-that is your portrait, dear Grandville!”

From Alexandre Dumas’ introduction to a
chapter of his memoirs that is dedicated to Grandville.

Mr October and the Snadragons by Bethalynne Bajema

Mr October and the Snapdragons – Grandville collage piece by Bethalynne

J.J. Grandville 
I started a project called An Autumn with Isidore where I took a variety of black and white illustrations by artist J.J. Grandville (1803-1847), one of my young art crushes, and used them to create new images with the same sort of whimsical and surreal scenes in mind. I think nearly everyone who has spent any time floating about the internet has seen at least one of his pieces -they’re hard to avoid and he was very prolific during his short life. You should be introduced to the man proper -because without him I wouldn’t have had the wonderful time I had in creating this deck or sharing it with you! And I can finally admit just how therapeutic creating this deck was during a very hard time in my life health wise.

This is a wonderful article about Grandville. It is very complete and links to numerous galleries and resources for the artist. I highly recommend taking a moment to read through and get to know him! Sadly he wasn’t in the world as flesh and bone for very long but while he was here he left an incredible illustrated legacy and he should always be remembered. I hope to keep the memory and his spirit in art alive and well. –Bethalynne