The Isidore Tarot – First Edition – 2013/2014

The first edition of the Isidore Tarot debuted in the autumn of 2013. The original cards were rectangular to accommodate the shape of the artwork. Those first decks weren’t printed on standard playing card stock, but very heavy cardstock. There was a small limited edition of the deck offered that came in silk pouches and handmade boxes with extra perks. The rest of the decks were packaged in a drawstring pouch, in a labeled tins with some decorative extras. The first print run was limited to only fifty decks before I found a better printing process and refined the card art enough to allow for slight corner rounding. Below is the original artwork for the cards.

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. sold this version of the deck for about six months before I gave the deck a complete overhaul to make the packaging more unified. The shoppe ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign the spring of 2014 to fund the printing and materials for the second version. This version of the deck was retired at the conclusion of that companion and is no longer available.

The Isidore Tarot First Edition

card-00-fool card-01-magician card-02-priestess card-03-empress card-04-emperor card-05-hierophant
card-06-lovers card-07-chariot card-08-strength card-09-hermit card-10-wheeloffortune card-11-justice
card-12-hangedman card-13-death card-14-class= card-15-devil card-16-tower card-17-star
card-18-moon card-19-sun card-20-judgement card-21-world cards-coins-01 cards-coins-02
cards-coins-03 cards-coins-04 cards-coins-05 cards-coins-06 cards-coins-07 cards-coins-08
cards-coins-09 cards-coins-10 cards-coins-11 cards-coins-12 cards-coins-13 cards-coins-14
cards-cups-01 cards-cups-02 cards-cups-03 cards-cups-04 cards-cups-05 cards-cups-06
cards-cups-07 cards-cups-08 cards-cups-09 cards-cups-10 cards-cups-11 cards-cups-12
cards-cups-13 cards-cups-14 cards-swords-01 cards-swords-02 cards-swords-03 cards-swords-04
cards-swords-05 cards-swords-06 cards-swords-07 cards-swords-08 cards-swords-09 cards-swords-10
cards-swords-11 cards-swords-12 cards-swords-13 cards-swords-14 cards-wands-01 cards-wands-02
cards-wands-03 cards-wands-04 cards-wands-05 cards-wands-06 cards-wands-07 cards-wands-08
cards-wands-09 cards-wands-10


cards-wands-12 cards-wands-13 cards-wands-14

The Isidore Tarot is copyright Bethalynne Bajema. All Rights Reserved.