Mr October's Troubles with the Meh Snapdragons

The Rhino Russo Pumpkin Caravan
OCTOBER 2nd, DAY 2: Mr October was one for his books and his classical portraits of the temptations of the feline soul, but he also thought it was important to share his study with his wife's interests. That is, until the day she discovered two things: One, that she had a remarkable green thumb - and two, that green thumb nurtured pure evil in floral form. Despite surviving the towering Sword Lily that ate the milkman last Tuesday, and the heat blazing sunflowers that turned the mailman into cinder and ash just that past Thursday, he was finding of all her flowering brutes it was the snapdragons that enraged him the most. Not because they were particularly tall or quite so malicious in their appetites; but something quite more mundane and nerve racking. The snapdragons sat in various little pots about his study on stacked books, the floor and even the table tops always humming in a strange language that consisted of blowing tongue raspberries and squawking "Meh!" with great disgust at one another. All day, all night... psssbbbsssssttsssss! Meh! Meh! MEH!

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