Loom Basil, Goddess of the Autumn Moon

Madam Vespertilio Luyno Loco
OCTOBER 10th, DAY 10: Loom Basil was a little known goddess who resided in a very small village, on a very small island, in a very remote place, and governed over a very small people. Not small as in stature, but small as in numbers. She was the goddess of the autumn moon and every year mid-October she would come to the center of this village and take possession of a decorated beast of burden offered by the men, three masks made by the wives and a dressed wooden doll made for her by the children. When the autumn moon was at its highest point in the sky, she would ride the beast with the doll at her side through the heart of the village. The spectacle was something brilliant to watch but something no one was allowed to see -for if any of the villagers looked upon her their crops would spoil upon the harvest. It was an act of respect and self discipline you see; Loom Basil needed her subjects to have both...

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