Nanannie Noot, Nanook, Nut, Norman, and the Night

Nanannie Noot, Nanook, Nut, Norman, and the Night
OCTOBER 11th, DAY 11: Nanannie Noot was once a night spirit who could be seen moving under the crescent moon in the far west. She kept two gecko companions, Nut and Norman, and her best friend a zebroid named Nanook. Together they passed quietly through the night looking for travelers caught out in the cruelly cold desert night.Those who have met her in such times say she offered them one of the elegant bottles she carried with her and softly told them to drink the night and the night would look after them. With one sip the cold became warm, the lonely became content and the fearful were able to laugh. It was often only rumored that from the same bottle if a cruel person sipped the wrathful became subservient, the lust-filled became subdued and the murderer forever saw the night and was haunted by the unnamed shadows that would torment them.

It was said that one night she found the crescent moon to not be shining so she reached up into the heavens to offer it a drink. Soon it shined brighter in the sky than ever it had and Nanannie Noot and her small caravan were swept up into the night sky where the night spirit became the goddess behind the moon...

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