The Tiny Siren Ensemble

The Tiny Siren Ensemble
OCTOBER 12th, DAY 12: Seaweed Starwart found herself spending more and more time lounging in the fallen leaves she was supposed to be raking up and staring at the fence surrounding the house across the street. Every so often a man would come walking down the sidewalk and as he grew nearer to the fence his eyes would become dreamy, his movements would become relaxed and ever so slowly he would let himself drift towards the fence. Once there he'd happily stand looking over the fence at something Seaweed couldn't see until the lady of the house came rushing from the front door and shooed the man away.

Lazily Seaweed got up from her comfortable leaf nest and found that her curiosity was getting the better of her. She checked to make sure no one was watching and she slipped over to the fence. As she stood up on her tippy-toes and peered over the fence she saw the most incredible sight: Three little sirens in the bird bath singing their tiny little siren songs to whatever man happened to walk by...

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