Harland Spiderwart and the Pip & Pup Automatons

Harland Spiderwart and the Pip & Pup Automatons
OCTOBER 24rd, DAY 24: "No one can say when the accident occurred... Harland Spiderwart left the circus with his twin niece and nephew Pip and Pup to sing on the stages of the big city. The promised postcards never arrived. The promised flyers proudly proclaiming the twinnies success were never seen. And then one stormy night a defeated Harland Spiderwart returned to the circus -missing one ear and without the twins, but in possession of an eerie automaton that bore the resemblance to the twinnies and when it was wound up it would sing the same beautiful songs only with a slightly dead tone as a machine could never truly recreate the living thing. When approached Harland would not explain -he only asked that each night before the closing of the show the twin automaton be allowed to sing one song, just as Pip and Pup did back in the day. When the mechanical twins sang their song Harland would sit off in the shadows and shed a tear. No matter how many years that passed he never did explain the circumstance of the accident or that night...

"A one eared house-cat wakes from his fitful sleep where he had been dreaming of a past life. He ambles slowly off the couch and finds his kitty bed. He nestles into the cushy fabric and snuggles his nose into the places where there are still little bits of catnip. He lets himself fall back to sleep and hopes to dream of one of his better lives...

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