Dibs and Debs the Siamese Twins

Dibs and Debs the Siamese Twins
OCTOBER 26th, DAY 26: Dibs and Debs had the misfortune of being born Siamese twins. Two mirror identical gals with only two features that were amiss: One, the ridiculously large ear each had on one side of their head. And Two, the other ears that attached the two gals together. Like many individuals in their day with their special issues, the twins found themselves a nice home in a traveling carnival and were surrounded by a protective family of like souls who were a little bit off like them.

During the course of their travels, as the twins performed their very interesting show (basically thirty minutes of making of stories for pictures in a photograph album they found somewhere around Kalamazoo) a man approached them with the bold claim that he could separate the twins and change their lives forever. He was positive that it was nothing more than a matter of an ear-lobe-otomy. The twins were quite excited about this, but were dismayed when their manager, the silver tongued Mr. Hopperhead, convinced them that to do so would mean they would lose their gift of hearing. Not being the brightest of Siamese twins, or twins in general, or well... smart period, the twins believed him and that was that...

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