Moge Vogger Moveable Concert

Moge Vogger Moveable Concert
OCTOBER 30th, DAY 30: Musical rivalries are nothing to be taken lightly -just ask Maestro Finny who was all but blown up in a poof of rival maestro fury. Luckily his nephew was a great maker of moving gadgets and toys and quite the fan of his uncle's work. Maestro Finny found himself reborn in the brass and clockwork parts body of his nephew's unique creation. This was apparently not enough to end the rivalry though, when the poor wind-up Maestro Finny found his brass legs dangling from a rafter overhead and his orchestra staring in shock at his now legless body.

The rivalry continued to battle back and forth -mostly forth to be honest- as the good Maestro Finny was above such low-some things as rivalry. His rival would do his worst and the maestro's nephew would fix the misfortune. That is until the day there was not much left of the good maestro to tinker back into useable form. So the nephew got more creative and built his uncle's new body as something more mobile, something better disguised, and with a wind-up set of companions to help play his music on the go. This new thing he named (for reasons only the nephew could know) the Moge Vogger and now it was a moveable concert -always on the run from the destructive rivalry Maestro Finny was ever really sure how he became in unwitting part of...

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